Zaneta Daniels

Zaneta DanielsBachelor of Science in psychology, 2014
Master of Public Administration

Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta

Describe what you do and how GGC may have played a role to prepare you for success in your job.
I work with organizations interested in creating or adapting their current volunteerism, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and philanthropy outreach across the State of Georgia. My psychology degree aids in understanding human interaction and creating statistical analysis of data to evaluate programs.

Describe what you hope to do once you've earned your graduate degree and how GGC may have played a role to prepare you for success in your graduate program.
Earning my bachelor’s degree at GGC aided in the next steps to my educational goals of earning my Master in Public Administration and taught me how to integrate my newly found skills with balance and leadership.

Has your life changed since graduation, and if so, how has earning a degree contributed to that change?
Working in the nonprofit world has been a true testament of completing my bachelor’s at GGC. I am able to now work with girls to empower them to their next steps in life.

Why do you give back to GGC through donations and volunteering your time?
I give back to GGC because as a non-traditional student it was the door that opened my new career possibilities. I want to be a part of helping new leaders grow, so that they can influence change across their communities.