Georgia Gwinnett College alumni are making history. Our alumni chose the school mascot, formed the College’s first student organizations and truly paved the way for future generations of Grizzlies. After graduation, you still have the opportunity to demonstrate your support for GGC.

Gifts from alumni and others fund student financial aid, new technology, new buildings and much more. As a recent graduate, you’ve experienced the fast growth on campus and have seen the impact of charitable gifts firsthand. Please consider investing in GGC’s future by giving back to Georgia Gwinnett College today. Your generosity not only helps GGC students, but it also enhances the value of your hard-earned degree.

Contact Information

Nate Jones
Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement
We welcome your feedback and questions.

Seniors Give Back to GGC

Seniors can help support the mission of GGC by making a graduation gift. Graduation gifts to the GGC Fund provide assistance to GGC students in several ways:

  •     Scholarships
  •     Faculty training programs
  •     Upgrading technology and equipment
  •     Expansion and construction
  •     Securing and retaining top-tier faculty

Make a graduation gift today!