Digital Communications and Public Relations facilitate stewardship of the GGC brand by creating communications that inspire passion for the college’s mission and vision. Share with us your GGC stories, professional news and accomplishments, or submit a communications request for support services.

We provide professional in-house consultation and services to campus offices and organizations in the following areas:

  • Promotional campaigns
  • Editorial services
  • Event promotion
  • Graphic design/artwork approvals
  • News dissemination
  • Photography
  • Print publications
  • Social media
  • Website presence 

Requests are reviewed and evaluated to ensure availability of resources and alignment with the college’s communications needs and standards  before being added to the production schedule. Due to limitations of resources, not all requests can be accommodated. For requests that cannot  be fulfilled, alternative recommendations may be provided.

For requests needing multiple services, or if you are unsure which request form to use, please submit the General Inquiry form.

Useful guidelines to consider:

  • While we would like to provide services for all campus communications, our priority is to support brand awareness and initiatives that are aligned with the college’s strategic priorities.
  • Requests are processed within the Teamwork project management system, which produces work tickets. If your request is accepted, you will receive further communications from us through Teamwork. We will provide training if needed. We require a minimum notice of 20 working days to complete most requests (see specific forms at the links below). This does not include time for printing or production of specialty items, which can range from a few days to several weeks.
  • For larger projects, plan on a two-to-three month lead time.
  • For major events and initiatives, please involve us about six months in advance so we can assist with your planning process.
  • About last-minute requests: We understand that emergencies arise and are here to help. However, last-minute requests should only be submitted in truly urgent circumstances and not because of a failure to plan appropriately. We will consider last-minute requests on a case-by-case basis.
  • Services are free of charge. However, clients may be responsible for production costs like printing, event materials, advertising, etc.
  • Requests must be approved by your supervisor and funds, if required, should be allocated before production begins.
  • If you require an estimate before submitting your request or for budget planning purposes, please submit this request via our General Inquiry form.
  • Offices/departments should designate one point of contact to coordinate with us.

Request Guidelines


Announcements are important messages for the GGC campus community. Our experienced team will determine the best placement for the greatest impact.

Announcements should be timely, brief and relevant to specific GGC audiences, like faculty and staff, alumni or public.

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Creative Services

Creative Services – Please read in advance of submitting your new ticket

From brochures and program flyers to simple invitations, the Public Relations team can work with you to determine the best solution to meet your marketing/communications needs.

Here’s what you should know:

  • For best results: Please involve us in the planning stage so we can offer a full range of services.
  • Before the design phase: The client is responsible for supplying accurate/factual information in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files.
    • Submitted text will be fact-checked and reviewed by Public Relations for grammar and adherence to the college’s AP editorial style.
  • Design and production: On average, it could take up to six weeks to complete print collateral. Some projects may require additional time, depending on their complexity and printing methods. Please build this time into your project timeline.
    • Clients are allowed two rounds of edits before a project is finalized.
  • About last-minute requests: We understand that emergencies arise and are here to help. However, last-minute requests should only be submitted in truly urgent circumstances and not because of a failure to plan appropriately. We will consider last-minute requests on a case-by-case basis.
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Digital Signage

  • Digital signage is strategically located across the campus. There are three types of digital signage content:
    • General college content maintained by the Office of Digital Communications (submit below),
    • Content for registered student organizations (RSOs) maintained by Student Involvement (, and
    • Athletics content maintained by Grizzly Athletics (
  • RSO digital signage can be submitted campus wide as horizontal (landscape) images and on the three vertical signs in the Student Center as vertical (portrait) images.
  • Digital signage can be created by downloading, editing and submitting a PowerPoint (landscape or portrait) or Photoshop template or by requesting digital signage creation through either the announcements or events request form. Please allow 5 additional days for digital signage creation and understand that content may be approved, tweaked or re-created, according to visual standards and consistency.
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Directory Profile Updates

Your profile in the public directory adds value to the College; it’s more than accessing contact information.

Website visitors want to learn about your successes and skill sets, and we’re keen on sharing one of the primary reasons for GGC’s success: our talented Grizzly faculty and staff.

We encourage completed directory profiles and periodic reviews, so start below to request necessary edits or submit new information. Submitted updates are reviewed and completed weekly. Photography sessions are also offered, and session dates are announced via email.

GGC’s public directory on is collaboratively managed and maintained by Digital Communications and Human Resources. Please note that any requests for title changes should NOT be submitted as a communications request and should be coordinated through Human Resources.

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Posting your event to the campus events calendar is a critical promotional element that will get the GGC community excited.

The events calendar displays on each of the audience homepages, guaranteeing maximum exposure to the campus community.

Be sure to get your events on the calendar as early as possible by submitting them using the "Start Your Events Request" link below. This lets the Digital Communications team know your event is approved and ready for promotion.

Please allow 1-2 days for events to appear on the calendar after submission.

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General Inquiry

Not sure what services you need but know that you need communications help with a project or event? Select "Start Your General Inquiry Request" below and someone from the communications team will help you identify what digital and PR services are relevant and how we can assist. You may also use this form to request estimates for future work or for budget planning.

Allow seven working days for someone to contact you to discuss next steps. If you require estimates, plan on an additional week after we discuss your estimates with you, as some vendors require several days to prepare estimates.

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Logo Use Requests

The elements of the Georgia Gwinnett College graphic identity system are used to market and brand the college, creating unity with its identity when used consistently. The use of the college’s official logos must adhere to the Graphic Standards Usage and Style Guide. This includes institutional colors, acceptable iterations, isolation areas, minimum size requirements and standardized customization for the GGC’s schools and offices.

PR has sole and final authority on use of the college’s logos. Your request will be reviewed within 10 working days. If your use of a logo is approved, we will provide further instructions to ensure that your usage is executed correctly.

A separate system is in place for using college logos on specialty items. GGC has a list of approved vendors for such items, and they submit their drafts to PR for approval.

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News and Notables

Have good news to share? We want to know about your significant awards, achievements and other distinctions, as well as important college news or interesting stories about students, faculty and college activities, programs and events. We also welcome story ideas for use in GGC’s various communications tools. For examples of what details to include, view current and previous News and Notables for inspiration.

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Newsletter Review

After you have gathered all of your stories and your dean/division head has approved your newsletter text to move forward, please click on “Start your Newsletter Approval Request.”

Official GGC newsletters are reviewed for GGC graphic standards, consistency of messaging, and adherence to AP Style guidelines. When creating your newsletter, please review the GGC Graphic Standards Usage and Style Guide.  

Once your final draft text is ready, we will review your newsletter within 15 business days and respond with feedback or required edits that must be made before distribution. So please plan your newsletters well in advance.

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Photography Services

Public Relations provides photography services for college-wide events and activities that visually promote Georgia Gwinnett College’s vision and mission in both print and online publications. Priority is given to photography that advance efforts to tell the college’s story, enhance the college’s website, support student recruitment, increase brand awareness and provide imagery for institutional marketing and communications.

To be better stewards of our resources, all photography requests will be evaluated to ensure that they align with strategic initiatives and support our office’s objective to capture images that can be used for institutional marketing and recruitment purposes including college publications and social media. 

  • All requests must be received at least 10 business days before the event. If we cannot provide a photographer for your needs, we can provide a list of local freelance photographers. It is your responsibility to contract with the outside photographer in accordance with GGC accounting and contracting procedures.
  • Requesting photo services does not guarantee a photographer. After review of the request, our project manager will contact you. Please note, that your assistance may be needed to facilitate your project. This may include securing access to locations and/or models.
  • All photos are digital, but the process for planning, shooting, editing and image application requires as requests are fielded from across the entire college.
  • Photography requests must be authorized by your supervisor. Please include the name, title, phone number and GGC email address of your supervisor in the request, so that verification may be obtained by Public Relations.
  • All photos taken by Public Relations are subject to become part of the college’s photographic archive and may be shared with other offices and departments. Georgia Gwinnett College owns and retains the copyright to all images. 
  • Photography services are only available to Georgia Gwinnett College faculty and staff. All photography requests must include a valid GGC email address. A request containing an alternate email address will not be processed.
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Presentations can be created by downloading and editing GGC's official PowerPoint template, located in the Graphics Library.


  • Digital promotions include web page slides, announcements, event calendar, and departmental news and events sections on, as well as campus digital signage and social media.
  • We want to help maximize attendance for your event. To effectively promote an event, submit your request at least 15 business days before the event. This will allow 5 business days for graphic creation and 10 business days for promotion.
  • Announcements should be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the preferred publication date.
  • Content gets stale and overlooked quickly. We recommend promoting your content for no more than two weeks. Discussing a promotional or communication plan with Digital Communications in advance is the best way to assure maximum exposure or participation.
  • Although the request form allows for preferred distribution channels, Digital Communications reserves the right to publish content according to existing strategic communications plans, best practices and priority.
Please see Announcements or Events to start a request for your promotion.

The Pulse

The Pulse is GGC’s official e-newsletter that showcases news, events, stories and announcements GGC faculty and staff need to know. The communications team distributes the newsletter daily.

To include information in The Pulse, submit requests by 12 p.m. each day. Content must be applicable to faculty and staff. The Pulse is not delivered to students and only limited content regarding students, such as Notables, will appear. 

The communications team reserves the right to review and edit all submissions for AP style, accuracy, consistency, spelling, punctuation and appropriateness. In the event a submission is not suitable for The Pulse, someone from the communications team will contact the sender.

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Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to engage with the GGC community. Starting an account is simple, but maintaining the account takes a plan and dedication.

The social media landscape is competitive, and to be noticed, an account has to stand out. The Digital Communications team can help. Before requesting an account from the Office of Digital Communications, be prepared to discuss your area’s goals and strategies for creating and maintaining a social media presence that’s sustainable year-round.

Designate one or two people in your area to manage the account(s). They will work with a member of the Digital Communications team to develop their social media skills and understand how to build followers and ensure GGC is represented in the best way possible.

A member of the Digital Communications team will assess your request within 1-2 days and determine if a social media account is the most effective solution based on your area needs. Sometimes, a great promotional campaign is really all that’s needed.

Start Your Social Media Account Request

Web Content

Need a web presence? We’re here to help.

GGC’s public website, GGC.EDU, is managed and maintained by Digital Communications (in collaboration with the Content Manager Program). We monitor the latest trends and best practices and pull in the resources needed to create positive experiences for our website audiences. Representative content managers throughout the campus community provide input and oversee content in their areas to ensure information is relevant and accurate.

Work with your content manager to collaborate with Digital Communications in the creation of new content or to make edits to existing content.

Content managers may start requests below, and be sure to include the URL(s) of any referenced page(s).

A representative from Digital Communications will assess content manager requests within two days. The DC representative will then request that content managers either proofread published edits or meet to learn more about the goals of the project and begin recommendations on drafting content, creating timelines, building structure and ultimately publishing.

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