Georgia Gwinnett College’s logo is an important component of the college’s brand and is key to communication about the college, how it’s distinguished from other institutions and its impact on public perception. To uphold the brand, GGC’s logo must be, among other things, clear, consistent and recognizable.

Toward that end, we have developed a five-tier strategy, which will be utilized by GGC’s schools, divisions and departments to connect them with the college, while communicating their various functions. Contact Public Relations with all logo requests.

Sample Tiers

Tier 1 Logos

The Tier 1 logo is the primary logo, which serves as the core element of the college’s visual identity. This logo is typically the first brand mark that is seen by, and communicates the college’s brand to, its audiences. Learn more about the primary logo and acceptable iterations. The GGC seal is not a logo and may only be used by the President’s Office or for college-level academic materials. Learn more about the college seal

GGC logo
GGC logo
GGC logo

Tier 2 Logos

Tier 2 logos employ the primary logo and allow for individual college entities to enjoy their own identity while retaining their connection to GGC. This logo can be used for schools, divisions, departments, programs, offices and centers.

GGC Kaufman library logo
GGC School of business logo
GGC Student Engagement and Success logo

Tier 3 Logos

Tier 3 logos connect offices, work units, and programs or initiatives with the school, division or department where they reside. This logo lists both the program name as well as the school, division or department program. These can also appear as Tier 2
logos when appropriate.

GGC CTE logo
GGC financial aid logo
GGC Helpdesk logo

Tier 4 Logos

Tier 4 logos are already established sub-brands, which have the same look and feel as the enterprise brand, but have their own existing identities. The use of Tier 4 logos is limited to those areas such as Athletics, the Alumni Association and the GGC Foundation.

GGC alumni logo
GGC Athletics logo
GGC classic grizzly logo

Tier 5 Logos

Tier 5 logos embody established GGC programs or initiatives. Use of these logos are limited to existing programs and top-level college or foundation initiatives.

GGC grateful grizzlies logo
GGC Grizzlyfest logo
GGC Grizzly Strong logo
GGC Success Talks logo
GGC We are GGC logo