All communications should be instantly recognizable as coming from GGC, including any email correspondence made from a GGC email address. To ensure consistency, we have created a tool that will automatically format your personal information into a GGC template. Fill in the form fields and then click “Create Signature.” Follow the instructions below to incorporate into your email program.

* Required Form Fields


Your Generated Signature:

Click anywhere in the box below and then press Ctrl+A to select all in the box. Then press Ctrl+C to copy all of the content.

In Outlook, select Preferences. Under E-mail, click Signatures and Add. A new signature should appear with the name Untitled. Double click on Untitled to name and save your new address.

In the right pane, click Ctrl+V to paste your new signature and then close the signature box.

On the Outlook/Preferences/E-Mail/Signature menu, click Default Signatures. Select the account for which you want to use your new signature. Select your new signature.