Business and Finance provides stewardship and oversight of the college’s financial operations and encompasses a wide array of strategic business functions to maximize students, faculty and staff resources.

Business and Finance Offices and Services


Auxiliary Services manages the digital billboard located next to Highway 316 on the GGC campus.

The double-sided billboard offers targeted exposure and excellent views for those traveling both directions along Highway 316.

Interested advertisers are required provide business license, W-9 form and artwork. Approval for new clients advertising on the digital billboard typically takes two to three weeks prior to the start of the advertising period. Advertisers will need to sign an agreement and discuss invoicing options as well. Competitive pricing is available.

Phone: 678.407.5137
Hours: Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Purchasing: processes for bids, RFPs, surplus equipment

Find information about processes for bids, RFPs, surplus equipment and more.
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Licensing and branded merchandise

Find information about licensing and branded merchandise.
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Accounting Services

Accounting Services provides accounting, processing, monitoring, and reporting of the institution’s financial resources. Its goal is to ensure that all financial information complies with regulatory requirements while providing optimal customer service.

Location: Building B, Suite 2600

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Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable ensures that disbursements of the college’s funds are processed in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and are in full compliance with the Board of Regents and State Accounting Office of Georgia. The responsibility of the Accounts Payable department is to assess invoices and payment requests, and process payments for goods and services rendered by individuals and/or vendors.

General Accounting

General Accounting is responsible for accurate recording and reporting of financial information to support decision-making and safeguarding and managing the college’s financial assets in compliance with regulatory requirements. Duties include processing journal entries, bank reconciliations, asset management (AM) reconciliations, general ledger reconciliation, system reconciliations and non-resident alien tax processing, and assisting campus with accounting inquiries about the ledger.

Student Account Services

Student Account Services takes and records tuition and fees payments, and assists with tuition-related resources.

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Auxiliary Services

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Budget and Planning

Budget and Planning provides college-wide services in support of campus budgetary activities. It is committed to being a high-quality service provider that meets the continuously changing needs of the college and external agencies.

Location: Building B, Suite 2600

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CARES Act Quarterly Budget and Expenditure Reporting for Section (a)(1) Institutional Portion and Section (a)(2)

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The controller oversees GGC's accounting, budget, purchasing and auxiliary services. The primary mission of the controller is to provide financial information, create and communicate policies and procedures essential to ensure the efficient use of college resources. Contact

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Procurement is committed to bid practices that offer all vendors open and fair competition. The office also assists students, faculty and staff in obtaining needed goods and services, and spending college resources wisely for maximum value.

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Find information about processes for bids, RFPs, surplus equipment and more.
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Risk Management

Risk management ensures the college’s financial risk management policies, limits and strategies are in compliance with applicable regulations, rating agency standards and strategic imperatives. It also oversees or monitors all financial risk management activities of the organization, including monitoring and analyzing financial risks within the college’s business units and on a corporate basis.


The warehouse team is responsible for processing delivered items, including equipment, supplies, packages and freight orders.
It also tags all assets over $3,000, redistributes, and disposes and sells all surplus GGC property in accordance with the Department of Administrative Services policies and procedures.

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