Business and Finance encompasses a wide array of business and strategic functions to ensure Georgia Gwinnett College maximizes resources available to students, faculty and staff.

The area's principal responsibility is to provide stewardship and oversight of the college’s financial operations.

Business and Finance supports GGC's mission and includes many of the administrative organizations: controller, financial planning, procurement, contract management and student financial services.

College Budget

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The best way to navigate the budget spreadsheet is to work from the first tab, “Income Statement.”  All blue text on this (and every) tab contains a hyperlink. Clicking on the blue text will take you to sections of the report that provide additional detail on the selected area. Each area has a “Back to Income Statement” hyperlink at the top of the page that you can use to return to the starting point if necessary.

Campus Documents

Offices Under Business and Finance


The controller oversees GGC's accounting, budget, purchasing and auxiliary services. The primary mission of the controller is to provide financial information, create and communicate policies and procedures essential to ensure the efficient use of college resources. Contact

Accounting Services

Accounting Services provides accounting, processing, monitoring and reporting of the institution’s financial resources. Its goal is to ensure that all financial information is in compliance with regulatory requirements while providing optimal customer service.

Budget and Planning

Budget and Planning provides college-wide services in support of campus budgetary activities. It is committed to being a high-quality service provider that responds to meeting the continuously changing needs of the college and external agencies.

  • Timely and accurate professional services of all budget requests for funding
  • Provides a wide range of pertinent information for college budgetary departments and external agencies in support of decision-making processes at all levels

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Procurement is committed to bid practices that offer all vendors open and fair competition. We assist the college in obtaining the goods and services needed by its faculty, students and staff; and to spend the college’s resources wisely while getting the maximum value.

Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services works to enhance the academic mission outside of the classroom for students, faculty, staff and visiting guests.

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