All GGC communications should be instantly recognizable with official GGC branding, including any email correspondence made from a GGC email address.

To ensure consistency, read the guidelines that follow and key in your personal information to automatically generate email signatures using the tool below.

Email Signature Guidelines

Email signatures are an important part of Georgia Gwinnett College’s brand identity. They are an opportunity to build awareness about the college – its visual identity, name recognition and organizational structure – whether communications are sent internally or externally.

  • Use the GGC email signature generator to ensure consistency across the college.
  • Use social media links in plain text without icons.
  • Use your official title as listed in the GGC directory and the official department name. If you believe your title is incorrect, please contact Human Resources.
  • Use degree/certification credentials (Ph.D.) instead of logos from the awarding college, university or program.
  • Don’t use “Office of” when listing your department. 
  • Don’t use non-GGC logos; they dilute the GGC brand.
  • Don’t include additional graphics; they increase file size and may appear as attachments.
  • Don’t include tag lines or quotes; they may be perceived as college-wide statements.

Email Signature Tool

Fill in the form fields and then click “Create Signature.” Follow the instructions to incorporate into MS Outlook. 

* Required Form Fields

Your Generated Signature and Instructions

  1. Click anywhere in the box below, press Ctrl+A to select all, then press Ctrl+C to copy all of the content to your clipboard.
  2. Follow the short video instructions from MS Outlook: create email signature(s) to paste (Ctrl+V) your GGC-branded email signature from your clipboard into Outlook.
  3. Return to the generator tool to edit or clear fields to create multiple email signature formats. For example, you may want to create a minimized signature without GGC’s mailing address and another with the mailing address.
  4. Continue following the MS Outlook instructions to identify a default signature and to learn how to create and name multiple signatures.