The following information provides basic guidelines and may be periodically updated. Any questions should be directed to Communications.

Why Grizzlies?

Georgia Gwinnett College's students, faculty, staff, alumni and its vision and mission are embodied in the official mascot: the Grizzlies. GGC students selected the mascot by vote in 2008.

The North American grizzly bear is a threatened species, but through community partnerships – like those that support GGC – the population has stabilized or is recovering in several regions. 

The Grizzly represents many qualities that are aligned with the GGC community:

  • Melding primal strength with reverent wisdom, the grizzly represents bravery, strength, agility, intelligence, leadership and resourcefulness – qualities embodied by GGC’s students.  
  • Like GGC’s dedicated faculty and staff, grizzly mothers exhibit patience as they educate and nurture the next generation for life in an uncertain and changing world.
  • Grizzlies live on the frontier – just as GGC exists on the frontier of higher education. 

Georgia Gwinnett’s mascot embodies this majestic animal and represents the college’s commitment to producing contributing citizens and future leaders for Georgia and beyond.

Language Usage

Capitalize “Grizzlies” and “Grizzly” when those words apply to GGC programs, students, faculty or staff. Groups are the Grizzlies but an individual person is a Grizzly. Our teams are the Grizzlies, but a single player is a Grizzly. 

The adjective form is singular, as in Grizzly Athletics, the Grizzly Athletics Complex, the Grizzly Growl Speaker Series, Grizzly Week, the Grizzly logo, etc. 

On first reference in long texts to be read by outside audiences who may be unfamiliar with the college name and/or mascot, introduce the full name as “Georgia Gwinnett College Grizzlies.” Use “GGC Grizzlies,” “Georgia Gwinnett Grizzlies” or “Grizzlies” afterward.

The name of our costumed mascot, General, is capitalized.

The species name, grizzly, is not capitalized.

Who May Use GGC Grizzly Images

Official GGC Grizzly images are primarily for use by Grizzly Athletics and to communicate GGC pride and school spirit. 

College departments, groups and student organizations must obtain approval through Auxiliary Services before using any GGC Grizzly graphics, images or marks. Final artwork must be approved through Communications before production.

Grizzly images should not be used in academic and/or classroom settings or contexts, official college reports, for wayfinding signage, or as a substitute for GGC’s official indicia or logo.


While the grizzly species appears in a variety of colors, GGC’s mascot exhibits light brown coloring.

When representing athletic or competitive teams, the official Grizzly imagery should be depicted as brave, strong and aggressive. The grizzly is fierce and will protect itself and its young, therefore athletics-related imagery can depict teeth, claws and aggressive poses and behavior. The college has official graphic standards and identity guidelines associated with intercollegiate athletics. Graphic usage of grizzly imagery must be approved by GGC Athletics, or through a licensing agreement.

In college-wide event settings, such as commencement, or in social, non-academic settings, the grizzly imagery should be seen as strong, calm, wise and resourceful. The species depictions will show the grizzly in non-aggressive poses, either treading forward on all fours, caring for its young, standing in curiosity or foraging in a non-aggressive manner. The grizzly sculpture presented to GGC's commencement speakers is a good reference.

Neither the official Grizzly imagery nor species imagery should be seen as grinning excessively or depicted in silly poses. Grizzly footprint imagery should accurately depict real-life tracks.

Imagery that engages audiences up to 10 years old is available. Contact Communications before using these type of marks.

Note: GGC’s G-mojis are an exception that includes hand-sketched imagery.

General, the Costumed Mascot

The name of GGC’s official costumed mascot is “General.” The name honors the college’s founding president, Dr. Daniel J. Kaufman, a retired U.S. Army brigadier general. 

General is a light brown colored grizzly bear and usually wears a basketball jersey bearing the Grizzly Athletics logo. Since the unveiling in Fall 2008, General has performed at various GGC events on and off campus, including grand openings, conferences, sporting events and festivals. 

The costumed mascot program is managed by the Student Involvement. Promoting school spirit, General is a goodwill ambassador for the institution. 

Inappropriate Use

Official GGC Grizzly imagery is trademarked and its use is restricted. It is not to be used in any way that may adversely impact the college's image or reputation. It is not permitted on, or associated with unofficial social media accounts, political parties and organizations, firearms, or depicted on any alcoholic beverages, tobacco, drug or sex-oriented paraphernalia.

Any products displaying the GGC Grizzly imagery or terminology that is designed to be sold or distributed must have approval through GGC’s licensing program before production.

Exceptions to These Guidelines

If a situation arises in which these guidelines do not seem to apply, please contact Communications for consultation at


All members of the GGC community can help ensure that the official Grizzly imagery is used appropriately. 

If you become aware of a violation of these guidelines within the GGC community, please report it to Communications at for consultation.

If you become aware of a violation outside the GGC community, please report it immediately. Take note of the location and context. Collect samples or take photos if possible. If you see web content using the GGC name, logos or Grizzly imagery in a manner that violates these guidelines, please capture the link/URL, or save a screen capture for evaluation and/or legal action. Do not engage with the violators yourself.

Email for more information.