What is a contract?

§ 13-1-1. Contract Defined – Generally: An agreement between two or more parties for the doing or not doing of some specified thing. A contract can be referred to by many different names. In the higher education world, the following are some of the most common names: agreement, license, memorandum of understanding, release/waiver, memorandum of agreement, renewal, terms and conditions, etc.

Georgia Gwinnett College's status as a state college imposes certain restrictions on its contracting activities that a private university/college or company does not face. Many standard clauses typically found in commercial contracts cannot be accepted by GGC. The restrictions are based on constitutional and statutory prohibitions.

GGC has a contract routing process that must be followed by all employees. Each Vice President has a routing form for their area. These routing forms can be found below. All employees should only use their VP’s routing form. If you are a staff member who reports to the President’s Office or you have an international agreement that needs to be signed, please contact contracts@ggc.edu for the President’s routing form. 

There are two people that have been designated by the president as having signature authority for GGC, the VP Business-Finance/CFO and Facilities and the Director of Purchasing. The GGC Foundation should be made aware of any contracts for activities and/or rental space in buildings that are owned by them. These buildings include: Buildings D, E, F, G, I, Residence Life, Parking Deck, Tennis Complex, Athletic Fields, or Intramural Fields.

Contract training is available for any area upon request. Please contact contracts@ggc.edu if you would like to schedule training for your area. Other resources regarding proper contract processes are listed below. 

person signing a contract

Documents and Forms

Routing Forms

Note: Please download the form before you begin filling it out.

GGC Standard Contracts:

Note: Please download the contract before you begin filling it out.

Signature Blocks

Below are the signature blocks for the people who have signature authority and/or may need to review your contract.

Attorney General of Georgia

The mission of the Department of Law is to serve the citizens of the State of Georgia by providing legal representation of the highest quality to the agencies, officers and employees of state government and by honorably and vigorously carrying out the constitutional and statutory responsibilities of the Attorney General (AG). Visit the AG Opinions Website.