GGC is excited to introduce the newest faculty and staff members to our Grizzly family. Please take a moment to welcome our new Grizzlies.

Tracy Adkins

Ms. Tracy Adkins

Executive Director of Academic Technology and Campus Engagement

Korlan Amundson

Ms. Korlan Amundson

Financial Aid Advocate

Monica Anthony

Dr. Monica Anthony

Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Weston Armstrong

Mr. Weston Armstrong

Records Coordinator

Katherine Azzolino

Ms. Katherine Azzolino

Library Technical Assistant

Michael Bar-Johnson

Dr. Michael Bar-Johnson

Visiting Lecturer of Psychology

Jessica Beasley

Mrs. Jessica Beasley

Acting Assistant Athletics Director for Business Services / Senior Women’s Administrator

Diondra Burgess

Ms. Diondra Burgess

Financial Aid Advocate

Daniel Butler

Mr. Daniel Butler

Visiting Lecturer of English

Rachele Byrd

Ms. Rachele Byrd

Learning Management Support Specialist

Jenny Chen

Ms. Jenny Chen

Full-time Tutor

Hannah Chisholm

Ms. Hannah Chisholm

Admissions Counselor

Eva Cleveland

Dr. Eva Cleveland

Assistant Professor of Health Science

Walter Cotter

Dr. Walter Cotter

Full-time Tutor

Alexa Datko

Ms. Alexa Datko

Assistant Softball Coach

Marvin DeWitt

Mr. Marvin DeWitt

Undergraduate Education Coordinator

Ashley Dobbs

Dr. Ashley Dobbs

Director of Residential Life

Maria Dulling

Ms. Maria Catalina Dulling

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Cathy Dyches

Dr. Cathy Ellen Dyches

Director of Nursing

Amy Fehl

Dr. Amy Fehl

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Allison Fleet

Ms. Allison Fleet

Assistant Director of Admissions for Operations

Jametria Floyd

Dr. Jametria Rae Floyd

Visiting Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Jennifer Green

Dr. Jennifer Green

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Jesse Haggett

Mr. Jesse Haggett

Visiting Lecturer of Film

Dale Herndon

Mr. Dale Herndon

Visiting Assisting Professor of Finance

Romisa Lane

Mrs. Romisa Lane

Student Technology Services Coordinator

Joshua Langkopp

Mr. Joshua Langkopp

Student Success Advisor

Chavonda Mills

Dr. Chavonda Mills

Dean of the School of Science and Technology

Amy Mungur

Dr. Amy Mungur

Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Megan Nason

Dr. Megan Nason

Visiting Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction

Timothy Nguyen

Mr. Timothy Nguyen

Help Desk Support Specialist

Runia Rahman

Ms. Runia Rahman

Student Accounts Coordinator

Jatelia Reid

Ms. Jatelia Reid

Medical Assistant

Daniel Romero

Mr. Daniel Romero

Full-time Tutor

Andrew Sah

Mr. Andrew Sah

HRIS Analyst

Christopher Sailor

Mr. Christopher Sailor

Visiting Lecturer of Film

Carrie Tatum

Ms. Carrie Tatum

Visiting Lecturer of Psychology

Stephanie Thomas

Ms. Stephanie Thomas

Instructor of Nursing

Emily Thompson

Mrs. Emily Thompson

Student Success Advisor

Tami Tucker

Ms. Tami Tucker

Enrollment Management Services Scholarship Coordinator

Evan Wise

Mr. Evan Wise

Assistant Baseball Coach

Jason Wright

Dr. Jason Wright

Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction