The Office of Information Technology (OIT) offers a range of software, services and other tools to help the campus community protect its resources and critical assets.

It is important to note, OIT can perform some tasks on behalf of the college, however, each individual has a vital role in protecting GGC and information technology sources from harm.

Information Security Awareness and Training

Information Systems and Security provides awareness training to the campus community on knowledge and tips on how to secure information resources. Please email for any training or questions.

Best Practices for Connecting Securely

  • No workstations should be left unlocked and unattended when connected to the GGC network.
  • Computers not in use should be shut down overnight, limiting the window of opportunity for hackers. However, if it is necessary to run nightly back-ups or periodic system updates, the computers must be left on.
  • Unused software should be removed from computers.
  • System administrators should consider that unprotected Windows network shares can be exploited by intruders and the machines recruited into botnets. Windows network shares can be protected by reviewing both share and file system permissions and setting appropriately complex passwords.