Information Technology Project Services supports a transparent and inclusive process for submitting and developing project proposals, setting priorities and schedules, and allocating resources.

This process also includes project initiation, scope definition, requirements analysis, design, implementation, and testing.

Services Provided

IT Project Services supports GGC enterprise projects and all IT departments.

Acronyms and Terms

  • IT – Information Technology
  • GGC – Georgia Gwinnett College
  • Business owner(s) – individual(s) requesting product or service
  • Stakeholder(s) – individual(s) who hold interest or share a par in the implementation of the project

Difference between Project and Service?

  • Project – a new request of limited duration that involves one or more IT departments and typically requires at least 80 hours of resources to complete
  • Service – a defined and repeatable request or resource available in the IT service catalog

Project Levels

To be considered an IT project and not a service, the project must require up to 80 hours of resources to complete.

  • Director level – project involves only one IT department
  • IT level – project involves multiple IT departments
  • GGC level – project involves multiple departments both inside and outside of IT

Project Status Types

Project statuses indicate the state of a project in the management process.

  • Active – a project currently in progress with allocated resources
  • Inactive – a project that has not stared with no allocated resources
  • On hold – project progression has come to a stop
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