Technology Support Services manages approximately 3,000 computers in the classroom computer labs, the Library and Information Commons areas across GGC campus. TSS also provides Helpdesk support to students, employees (faculty and staff) and remote support for GGC-owned computers.

Services Provided

  • Troubleshoot technical issues related to GGC-owned software and hardware devices
  • Maintain and manage computer labs and laptop carts
  • GGC user ID password resets (excluding Grizzly Den within Banner PIN resets)
  • Maintain and install software for GGC issued hardware
  • Manage GGC inventory of laptops for all GGC faculty and staff
  • Handle the processing and management of GGC cell phones issued to eligible faculty and staff
  • Manage the upkeep and maintenance of all software installed on approximately 3,000 computer on GGC campus

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