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Georgia Gwinnett College encourages victims and witnesses of crime to report offenses to the police.

If a crime occurs on campus it should be reported to the Campus Police, Office of Public Safety. The Office of Public Safety will investigate crime reports and seek adjudication in the appropriate court. Victims who do NOT wish to make a report to the POLICE may report a campus crime to the designated Student Affairs Officer or any other campus official. For purposes of this policy, the designated Student Affairs Officer shall be the Dean of Students. If a crime is reported to the Campus Police, Dean of Students or other campus official, the party receiving the information must report the crime in accordance with the guidance outlined in this policy.

General Policy

It is the policy of Georgia Gwinnett College for all employees to abide by the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 and its 1992 through 2000 amendments, hereinafter the “Campus Security Act.” This act, also known as the Jeanne Clery Act, requires institutions participating in federal student financial aid programs to publish annual reports disclosing campus security policies and crime statistics, make timely warnings about crimes that pose an ongoing threat, to maintain a crime log, and to assure some basic rights to campus sexual assault victims.

Under the GGC Campus Security Act Compliance Policy, employees with significant responsibilities for student and campus activities are required  to report crimes which are reported to them, even if the victims chose not to report the crimes to the police. GGC administrators, deans, directors, faculty and impacted staff serving within student affairs and enrollment management are considered as “employees having significant responsibilities for students and campus activities” and are therefore required to report all crimes and related statistics.

Due to the importance of promoting a safe campus environment, the Office of Public Safety and the Office of Student Affairs shall work in partnership to ensure compliance under this policy and are jointly responsible for maintaining the required reports and crime statistics as outlined below.

Specific Reporting Responsibilities

Administrators, Deans, Directors, Faculty and Impacted Staff

Georgia Gwinnett College administrators, deans, directors, faculty and impacted staff are responsible for reporting all campus crimes which are reported to them or their subordinates. If the victim(s) chose not to report the crime to campus police, the GGC employee receiving information concerning the crime, may report the crime to the Office of Student Affairs, dean of students. The names of victims may be withheld where appropriate; however the crime and sufficient details concerning the incident(s) must be reported. These reports shall be transmitted to the Dean of Students in writing within 24 hours of receiving the report. Crime victims should be encouraged, but not forced, to report crimes to the police and should be notified of any counseling services available.

Dean of Students

The dean of students shall maintain records of crimes and dispositions which were reported to the Office of Student Affairs and shall provide an annual crime summary of statistical data to the GGC Office of Public Safety for inclusion in applicable annual reports.

Office of Public Safety

The GGC Office of Public Safety shall be responsible for maintaining records of all crimes and dispositions for matters which were reported to police. In addition, the Office of Public Safety shall have primary responsibility for gathering annual crime statistics from internal GGC units, including but not limited to, statistical data pertaining to crimes reported to Student Affairs and other areas of the college. The Office of Public Safety shall compile all reports for official submissions to local, state, and federal reporting entities and for campus publication.

The GGC director of Public Safety shall submit the official college report annually to the U.S. Department of Education, in compliance with the Campus Security Act. This report shall highlight statistics for the past three years in the following crime categories: murder, manslaughter, sex offenses (forcible and non-forcible), robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson. Statistics for the following categories of arrests or referrals for campus disciplinary action shall also be included: liquor law violations, drug abuse violations and weapons possession. This information shall also be made available to current and potential students and employees.

Crimes that are committed away from the main campus are included in the annual report if they occur on GGC owned property, or at locations dedicated to GGC instruction or GGC student activities. These crimes should also be reported to the local police.

Crimes, such as assault or criminal mischief, which are obviously hate crimes, shall be reported as such by category of prejudice.

Public Crime Log

The Office of Public Safety shall also make available to the public a current log of all crimes reported to campus police. The log shall be publicly available during normal office hours.

Specific Training and Hearing Responsibilities

Office of Student Affairs

The dean of students is responsible for researching, facilitating, presenting and documenting programs and seminars aimed at combating binge drinking, alcohol/drug abuse and prevention, sexual assault, and violence against women. The dean of students is also responsible for preparing an annual summary of student hearings involving alcohol/drug abuse, weapons violations, and for compiling related statistical data. The judicial hearings reports shall include all judicial hearings conducted during the year and should clearly state which hearings were or were not a result of case referrals from the Office of Public Safety.

Administrators, Deans and Directors 

College administrators, deans and directors are required to submit annual reports to the dean of students concerning any programs and seminars presented in their areas of responsibility with the purpose of decreasing or eliminating binge drinking or violence against women.

Link for Registered Sex Offenders

The following link is hereby provided in compliance with the 2000 amendments to the Campus Security Act: Georgia Sex Offender Registry.

Crimes Reported to the Police

See Office of Public Safety statistics.

(Example) *The following list provides examples of the types of crimes reported to Campus Officials at various institutions that are sometimes Not reported to Campus Police. These examples do not represent actual occurrences at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Crime Prevention Programs

Crime information and statistics shall be made available to students and employees each year via the internet. In addition, general law enforcement, safety, security, traffic and parking information is available to the campus community on the Internet at the following address: Office of Public Safety.

Find additional information about the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act.