Classes are small, with no more than 15 participants per class. Classes prepare you for success in an American college or university and introduce you to U.S. culture and university life. Classes meet 20 hours a week, Monday through Thursday.

You will be assigned to one of five curriculum levels, based on your placement test results. ELI participants must spend additional time preparing and studying for their classes, and those who have successfully completed one level will be promoted to the next level.

Classes begin at 9 a.m. and run through mid-afternoon. Mandatory classes are always finished before 3 p.m.

Listening and Speaking

Communicative activities will help you improve your comprehension and expression of spoken English and reinforce vocabulary and pronunciation.


Courses focus on building vocabulary, reading, and study skills with level-appropriate materials.


You will learn and practice techniques that will help you develop the writing skills necessary for academic success.


English grammar is taught and practiced through a variety of communicative and functional activities.

U.S. Culture

This course helps participates better understand U.S. culture and the U.S. college/university classroom.


At the end of each term, certificates will be awarded to all participants who complete the ELI program and are ready to apply for regular admission to a college or university.

The certificate of program completion from the English Language Institute at Georgia Gwinnett College is recognized by the University System of Georgia as proof of English proficiency and fulfills the English proficiency requirement to be admitted to bachelor's degree programs at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Upcoming ELI Sessions

Spring 2021, Session B

  • March 12: Orientation and placement testing (Tentative)
  • March 15: First day of class
  • May 6: Last day of class

Summer 2021

  • May 18: Orientation and placement testing (Tentative)
  • May 24: First day of class
  • July 15: Last day of class

Fall 2021, Session A

  • August 3: Orientation and placement testing 
  • August 9: First day of class
  • September 6: Labor Day holiday
  • September 30: Last day of class

Fall 2021, Session B

  • October 1: Orientation and placement testing
  • October 4: First day of class
  • November 24: Last day of class


ELI participants must attend at least 85 percent of their classes and do the assigned work.

Cultural Experience

Full-time ELI participants enjoy many of the same privileges as GGC students, including access to the Student Center and recreational facilities. You are invited to participate in many social and cultural events such as banquets, cookouts and field trips to historic and cultural landmarks. The ELI has an activities coordinator that plans weekend trips and local activities.