The English Language Institute (ELI) at Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) pairs non-native and native speakers of English for casual discussions about topics of mutual interest through its Conversation Partner Program.

Program Benefits

  • Learning about another culture and language in a comfortable format is fun and educational.
    • Non-native speakers who are students in the ELI program benefit from practicing spoken English and learning about American culture and student life by interacting with another student.
    • For GGC students, the program provides a window into another culture and language, which is vital in an interconnected and global world.
  • Interacting with someone from another culture provides an authentic voice to compliment academic studies.
  • The program offers a chance to practice speaking in another language. If you are a French, Chinese or Spanish student at GGC, this is your opportunity to practice speaking those languages with a native speaker. You could speak in English for 30 minutes and another language for 30 minutes at each meeting.
  • Helping an international student acclimate to American culture can help provide understanding and insight into one’s own culture.
  • Making a friend and being a friend is a positive benefit for all involved.

How does the program work?

  • Interested GGC students and ELI students must each complete an application.
  • Matched students attend an initial meeting and short orientation.
  • Matched students arrange to meet at a time and place convenient for informal conversation once a week for one hour.
GGC Student: Application
ELI Student: Application

If you have questions, please contact the English Language Institute.