Student Engagement and Success is dedicated to the academic and intellectual success of every student enrolled at GGC.


Student Engagement and Success is a model for interdisciplinary student development that provides a scaffold for all GGC students to construct their futures and build success in their academic, personal, and professional lives. 


The mission of Student Engagement and Success is to provide services for all students during their transition into and journey through Georgia Gwinnett College. These services interact in a holistic way, beginning when students apply and continue through their college career. Our services include appropriate advising and placement of students into college courses and programs of study, experiences for new students to bring them into the GGC community, as well as classes, workshops, and other support structures designed to foster, personal, professional and academic success at GGC. Students who have been a part of Student Engagement and Success's effort will be independent learners responsible for their growth and well-being and integration into the GGC community.