Professors care about your success.

Why did you choose GGC?

After several years of soul-searching, a trip to Los Angeles to try to be a cinematographer, and lots of tough choices, I decided to get my degree in writing. GGC was local, within my budget, and seemed like it had really great professors.

What do you like most about GGC?

I cannot say enough good things about the faculty, especially the English faculty. The professors at this school care about their students and their students' futures. A few of my professors are more like my mentors and I have learned so much from them both about academia and life. The professors at GGC pushed me to be the best I could be and without them I don't know if I would have achieved the level of success I have thus far. 

What are your favorite campus activities?

I enjoy socializing in B Building atrium, just wandering around and talking to all of the people hanging out there. I also enjoyed the Halloween dance we had a few years ago.

What do you plan to do after graduating?

I am looking into jobs in the magazine industry, where I plan on writing about movies or television for a living. I would also love to write for documentaries and documentary television, if that's where life takes me.