Attending GGC are good years you'll fondly look back on.

Why did you choose GGC?

I chose GGC because it fit my needs at time. I originally planned on transferring after two years, but once I was accepted to GGC I realized just how much I liked it and decided to stay.

What do you like most about GGC?

My favorite part of GGC is the closeness of the students and professors – everyone is so accommodating, and I've honestly met some of my best friends here. In particular, being part of the English discipline's community is a special treat – there are so many fun events and awesome classes.

What are your favorite campus activities?

My favorite campus activities are the creative ones where students show off their creative works, such as the Intersections conferences or poetry and creative writing symposiums. 

What do you plan to do after graduating?

Take Teach for America courses to become a certified teacher so that I can have the Welcome Back Kotter theme follow me wherever I may go.