Take advantage of everything GGC has to offer – that is your key to success.

Why did you choose GGC?

I chose GGC after hearing great things from friends who were students at the time. They told me about the wonderful professors and small class sizes. I attended three years of college back home in Moldova and class sizes there were very large. I only knew my professors from afar.

The ability to develop relationships with professors really caught my attention. I also heard about the unprecedented growth of the institution in such a short amount of time, and something told me that GGC was the right place for me.

What do you like most about GGC?

What I like most about GGC are the brilliant professors with a passion for teaching. They are very helpful and want to see their students excel both academically and professionally. 

I also love the great opportunities that GGC offers its students. Two semesters ago, I, along with fellow student Alicia Griffiths, had the wonderful opportunity to represent GGC at the Student Conference on U.S. Affairs at West Point in New York. It was undeniably a once in a lifetime experience that I am thankful for.

What are your favorite campus activities?

As president of Sigma Iota Rho, the National Honor Society for International Studies, I have to share my passion for this wonderful organization. It presents great opportunities not only to its members, but also to the entire Political Science student body. 

I encourage everyone to join a student organization they feel passionate about. I believe that is an important step in developing great skills that will do you great service in all your future endeavors. Remember our college's four pillars: Leadership, Service, Creativity and Scholarship. Take advantage of everything GGC has to offer – that is your key to success.

What do you plan to do after graduating?

I definitely plan to attend graduate school in the near future, but first I want to gain more professional experience.