Grizzlies Engaged, Active, and Ready (GEAR) Conference

Fri. Apr 13, 2018 9:00am - 4:00pm
LVIS (Large Venue Interactive Space), Building E

GEAR (Grizzlies Engaged, Active, and Ready) is a one day professional development conference for GGC School of Business students organized by their peers.

The purpose of the conference is to increase career competencies by introducing students to knowledge and experiences not encountered in the traditional classroom. Students will improve their success following graduation by participating in interactive engagements with members of the local business community.

Why should you attend?
Students attending the GEAR Conference will obtain knowledge from business professionals. Students are offered the opportunity to learn more about professional fields in high demand such as Human Resources, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate, Corporate Law, Nonprofit Organizations, and Leadership. Through the GEAR Conference, GGC students will have further knowledge and skills that will set them apart from the average graduate.


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