The Georgia Gwinnett College Student Center is dedicated to promoting a supportive, enhanced learning environment by developing the campus community and empowering students with opportunities for holistic development through a diversity of high quality, student-centered programs and services.


The Georgia Gwinnett College Student Center fosters an environment that honors and respects all members of the GGC community and creates a friendly, inviting destination for students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests.

We value an environment that embraces enthusiastic teamwork, development of employees, and superior customer service for both internal and external customers.

We are proud to be the gathering place for the campus community offering vibrant social, educational, recreational, and cultural activities that stimulate discussion and debate.

We believe in the mutual respect that develops through positive, collaborative relationships among individuals. Learning about one another and celebrating the rich diversity of people and ideas within our community is at the core of what we value.

General Statement and Policies

The GGC Student Center is the community center for all members of the Georgia Gwinnett College campus including students, faculty, staff and visitors. The GGC Student Center provides a central place for students and others to feel more closely connected to the campus while they spend time learning, socializing and relaxing. The GGC Student Center contributes directly to the educational mission of Georgia Gwinnett College by providing encouragement and opportunities for participation in educational, cultural and recreational activities and provides services for the convenience of the campus community.

The GGC Student Center seeks to provide a safe and secure place in which a wide array of programs and services may be offered to the campus community. The GGC Student Center is supported in part by student fees. The following policies and procedures guide the management of the GGC Student Center and are designed to help members of the community understand the GGC Student Center's operations and to assist them in making full use of its programs, services and facilities. Exceptions to the policies and procedures may be made by the Assistant Director of the GGC Student Center and his/her designee as needed.

General Policies

  • Animals are not allowed in the Student Center (exception – services animals such as Seeing Eye dogs). 
  • Damage to fixtures, equipment, and/or any other property of the Student Center shall be billed to the abuser. The cost of repair and/or replacement will be determined by Student Center staff.  
  • Food may be eaten in the dining hall area, meeting/event spaces and in any of the lounge space areas. It is the responsibility of the person eating the food to do so in a clean and courteous manner. Dispose of all trash in the waste cans provided.  If an accidental spillage happens, please notify the Information Desk as soon as possible. Food is only permitted in designated areas such as the Dining Hall, meeting and event spaces and lounge areas.
  • Furniture in the building may be moved to accommodate conversation, but must be moved back into place when leaving the area. Furniture is to not be transferred to other floors or to outdoor areas. 
  • Skates, skateboards, bicycles, skate shoes, scooters and similar items are not to be used in the building. There are bicycle racks located outside in-between the Library and Student Center and also on the lower level. Shirts and shoes must be worn by all persons entering and/or using the Student Center. 


  • The possession, consumption, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages in the Student Center is strictly prohibited.
  • The use of any type of tobacco products (including smokeless tobacco) inside the Student Center is strictly prohibited.

Loitering and Solicitation

  • Loitering is not permitted in the Student Center by persons not directly affiliated with GGC. The Student Center is for use by GGC students, faculty, staff and their invited guests. Professional and/or student staff may ask anyone at any time to provide a GGC Claw Card. Campus Safety should be contacted immediately if an individual is suspected of loitering.
  • Panhandling and/or begging are prohibited in the Student Center. Persons panhandling or begging should be advised of this policy. Persons who violate this policy shall be reported to Campus Safety. Soliciting is strictly prohibited. Persons violating this policy will be reported to Campus Safety. 
  • All fundraising and solicitation in the Student Center must be approved by the Georgia Gwinnett College Office of Advancement.

Posting and Advertisement

  • Posting of all materials shall be under the supervision of the Assistant Director of the Student Center and shall follow the established policies for distribution and posting of printed materials as noted in RSO policies. 
  • Publicity Tables: RSOs and campus offices may reserve an outdoor table in the Student Center Plaza to promote their organization or event. The distribution of materials is permitted in the general vicinity of the designated table only. Individuals may not stand in doorways and hallways to distribute flyers, brochures or other items. Music must be kept at a minimum and cannot interfere with other activities.