Exercise science major discovers diversity, affordability and personal fulfillment at GGC

Eunice Lobo confesses that GGC was not her first choice when it came to choosing a college and her exercise science major. She was looking at other state universities during her high school application process, but decided to give Georgia Gwinnett College a chance.

“I’m so glad to have landed at GGC,” Lobo said. “Personally, it has helped me become a more extroverted person and enabled me to grow through interaction with people from different backgrounds and cultures.”

Financial aid was key to Lobo’s education. Although she was able to live with her parents from the start of her freshman year, she still needed assistance with tuition.

“The staff at the Financial Aid office helped me apply for the HOPE Scholarship and the Pell Grant which prevented me from having to take out loans,” she said. “Receiving assistance also motivated me to maintain a high GPA.”

“I currently work as a federal work-study student in the Financial Aid office and enjoy helping other students apply for needed grants and tuition assistance,” she continued. “My advice to struggling students is to never give up on their education. GGC is a great option where the faculty and staff really care and make a difference.”

Lobo intends to graduate debt-free, which will give her the chance to enjoy post college life without the burden of having to work to pay off student loans. She relishes the opportunity to use her earned money to pursue her personal goals and help her family, close friends and community.

During her three years at GGC, Lobo has made campus involvement a priority. She serves as treasurer for the Student Government Association, and is on the student mandatory fee committee, a member of the International Student Association and a student ambassador.

After graduation, Lobo plans to pursue a master’s degree in nursing and become a Certified Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). Her long term goal is to open a hospital and school in her hometown of Mbuji-Mayi, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“As a college student I’ve experienced ups and downs through my years of study,” Lobo said.  “Through it all, I’m happy to say that I spent them here at GGC and would choose to do it again. I can’t see myself at any other school.”