Biochemistry student reflects on how campus immersion changed her personal trajectory

Biochemistry student Karima MuhammadPoe chose GGC because of its convenient location, affordability and reputation for providing a great education. She had planned on taking pre-requisition classes and eventually transferring to a larger university, but was pleasantly surprised once enrolled. 

She decided to stay.

“I love the community feel at GGC, the endless opportunities, the caring professors, the beautiful campus and the many great memories I made, even in my first year,” MuhammadPoe said. “Being an orientation leader and speaking with students in my classes, I have seen a big upward trend the past year or two of transfer students who came here from other big universities and found GGC to be a better fit.”

MuhammadPoe credits GGC’s many opportunities with enhancing her personal growth and helping her to meet people from varying backgrounds.

“Before coming to GGC, I was never a part of clubs, nonetheless an officer. I was never one to do much more outside of school and athletics,” she said. “Campus engagement grew my confidence, strengthened my skills and allowed me to meet some of the greatest people and change some people’s lives for the better.”

MuhammadPoe is the founding president of the Student Dance Association, a student ambassador, an orientation leader, a member of the Minority Association for Pre-med Students and has served as the public relations officer of the Muslim Student Association. 

“I wanted to contribute something to the campus,” MuhammadPoe said. “In 2017, I created a dance family here and have been told by members that dancing and performing has grown their confidence and helped them come out of their shells – that’s so rewarding to me. I also love being a student ambassador to share my passion for GGC with prospective students and their families.”

In addition to her campus leadership roles, MuhammadPoe volunteers at Gwinnett Medical Center, mentors troubled youth at a middle school, has worked in a mobile clinic in Morocco and currently works as a medical assistant at an urgent care center. Eventually she plans to become a successful physician and give back to the community.

“I’m grateful for my time at GGC and especially appreciate the caring professors,” she said. “The professors I had freshman year still stop me in the halls to check on how I am doing, and that’s the reason why I stayed at GGC and represent my school with pride.”