IT major explores, pushes boundaries and discovers strengths she didn’t realize she had, with encouragement from family and her GGC experiences.

Lindsey Sabb is the third daughter in her family to attend college – her two older sisters graduated and are into their careers – her mother finished her degree in her late 30s. Sabb continues the tradition and is majoring in information technology with a concentration in digital media.

Sabb was shy when she initially enrolled at GGC. She struggled to come out of her comfort zone, but became a student ambassador. After a few campus tours and meeting others interested in GGC, it became easier than she imagined.

“If I can do this here, I can do this anywhere else on campus,” she said, and also applied to become a resident assistant. “I thought college was going to be super hard for me to grow.”

Speaking about staff, faculty and her experiences at GGC, Sabb added, “They make it way easier to be in a leadership position; they have a lot of opportunities here for that.”

As a student ambassador, her advice to prospective students is one she could have listened to herself a year or so ago.

“College really is about finding who you are, and what you can do,” she said. “Go for things you don’t normally go for because you never know how they’re going to end up.”

In the classroom, Sabb pointed to her first information technology class for steering her in a direction to declare it her major. She quickly went to a meeting of all of the ITEC majors, and learned about potential career paths. That’s when digital media entered the picture, allowing her to be creative.

“Once I took my digital media class and got involved with Photoshop and editing, I fell in love,” Sabb said. “That’s when I firmly decided to have a concentration and stick with it.” She’s also involved in the Women in Technology organization on campus.

But it’s one of her professors outside of her main interests who remains memorable. Dr. Joseph Ametepe, associate dean for the School of Science and Technology and professor of physics, remains her favorite professor because he would routinely ask about her classes and life outside the lab.

“Even to this day, when I see him in the dining hall, he’ll always [say], ‘How are you doing in your classes,’” she recalls. “If you need help, just come by my office.”

Grizzly prepared, Sabb has career aspirations that include digital media marketing or advertising with a media group or advertising agency to get experience before ultimately opening her own business in advertising.