Career Exploration/Readiness

Mastering Career Readiness Course

Career Services’ Mastering Career Readiness Course is optional (non-credit) and consists of four self-paced modules designed to equip GGC students with employability skills. As a currently enrolled student, you are automatically enrolled with access until you graduate.

Each module includes content related to your focused area of study and wraps up with activities that reinforce employability skills to support personal and professional achievement. Your learning will be assessed with short quizzes, and you’ll earn a certificate after completing all modules and assessments.

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: Explore
    • Take the Focus 2 Career assessment.
    • Complete ClawLink profile.
  • Module 2: Discover
    • Build a resume.
    • Create a LinkedIn profile.
  • Module 3: Apply
    • Develop two goals on a goal setting worksheet.
    • Identify skills using an employability skills worksheet.
  • Module 4: Perform
    • Conduct a mock interview. 
    • Create a professional reference list.
    • Assess career competency proficiency.
  • Conclusion

Completion of the Mastering Career Readiness Course and resulting certificate complement your career portfolio and add demonstrated skills to share with prospective employers, community service organizations and education-related organizations.

Access Mastering Career Readiness Course: MyCourses (Brightspace by D2L)  

Email with questions. 

Mastering Career Readiness modules quick facts sheet for students (PDF)

Job Search Process

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