Well done! You're off to college, but how prepared are you for your first days of classes? Here's some helpful information that will promote your good health ... because we care.

Medical history

Please be sure to know your personal health history. You're familiar with your food and medication allergies. But what about your family history? Talk with family members, share your happiness about starting classes and familiarize yourself with your family history. 

Basic healthcare supplies

Every student should have basic healthcare supplies on hand to help deal with minor medical problems. The following are suggested items for self-care:

  • Digital thermometer
  • First-aid kit – including adhesive bandages, antibiotic ointment, fever/pain relievers (acetaminophen/Tylenol, ibuprofen/Advil)
  • Refills on current prescriptions

Allergy shots

Though allergy shots are not provided by Health Services, we can provide a list of local physicians who administer allergy shots. Consult your insurance provider to select an appropriate physician for your plan.