Who is eligible to play intramural sports?photo of students playing basketball

All students who have paid their tuition for the semester are eligible to play within any of our three leagues (men’s, women’s and co-rec). GGC faculty and staff are eligible to participate within the co-rec and open leagues. However, if a sport is offered within the GGC Wellness and Recreation Center, the faculty/staff member must pay for a guest pass ($5 per visit, which can be purchased from Student Accounts) or be an active paying member of the GGC Wellness and Recreation Center.

What is the fee for playing on a team?

There is no fee to play on a GGC intramural team. There is a fee for those who wish to play intramural golf. Intramural Sports has created partnerships with various golf courses. Through these partnerships, any member of the GGC community (must show Claw Card) can pay a discounted fee to play the course. Typical fees range from $10 to $25, and in some cases, also includes the cart fee. Of course, whether you choose to play 9 holes or 18 holes will also impact the fee.

When is intramural registration?

Intramural registration usually takes place during the second week of each semester. There are intramural registration tables set up in Building A, Building B, Building C and the Wellness and Recreation Center. If you are unable to register during this week, they can be added to a team’s roster throughout the regular season.

What sports are offered?

The GGC Intramural Sports offers eight different sports: five team and three individual/dual sports. Fall semester sport offerings are indoor flag football, dodgeball, sand volleyball, racquetball and tennis. Spring semester  offerings include basketball, indoor soccer, golf and tennis. Sport offerings may change depending on demand.

Where are games played?
photo of student playing lacrosse

Sand volleyball is played at the outdoor sand volleyball court located next to the Allied Health and Sciences parking lot. Tennis is played at the GGC Athletics Tennis Facility. Golf is played once a week at our various partner golf courses, which currently are Peachtree Family Golf Center, Collins Hill Golf Club, Lake Lanier Islands (PineIsle Renaissance Golf Course), Pine Hills Golf Club and The Providence Club. All other sport offerings are played at the Wellness and Recreation Center.

How do I form a team?

Individuals can form their own teams. During registration week, a team representative may pick up and fill out the registration form. However, every member of the team will need to sign and return the waiver before it is considered a valid roster.

I want to play, but don’t have a team. How do I get onto a team?

People may sign up as individuals (also known as free agents) by filling out the free agent form during registration week for whichever sport they wish to participate in. If a person would like to be on the same team as another person, both people need to make a note on their free agent form that they would like to be on the same team. Free agents will be equally divided and placed on teams of similar skill level.

Can I play on more than one team per sport?

Within one sport, a student may play on up to two teams: one men’s/women’s team and one co-rec (men and women on the same team) team. GGC faculty and staff may only play on one team within a co-rec and/or open league.

Where are rosters and schedules posted?
student playing ping pong

Schedules are posted in the Wellness and Recreation Center.

How will I be notified if a game is cancelled?

If a game is cancelled, all participants for that day’s game/match will receive an email message and a phone call to inform them of the cancelation. All updates are also announced on Intramural Sports IMLeagues.