Internships provide students with learning experiences tailored to their interests as well as opportunities to learn about careers and gain practical experience through the completion of applied internships.

CMAP internship students prepare short videos, create experiential learning journals, and/or provide samples of their work experience for presentation at the GGC CREATE Symposium, academic conferences or publication.

CMAP Internship Course

Concentration Requirements

  • Design and production concentration: required
  • Writing for stage and screen: elective
  • Entertainment industries: elective


FILM-3010 and ENGL-3880 with a grade of “C” or better, and instructor consent. Internships need to be approved 2-4 months prior to registration in the course.


  • Enrollment in CMAP-4952 is done by the coordinator; students do not enroll themselves.
  • Students must secure an internship prior to enrollment by working with an internship coordinator to develop an internship opportunity.

Course Goals

  • Identify workplace dynamics, professional expectations and the influence of culture on both.
  • Combine CMAP coursework knowledge with a range of business or industry skills appropriate to the field of the internship placement, including professional and inter-cultural communication through written, verbal and non-verbal means.
  • Compose professional and career goals through critical analysis of the internship experience.