Cost of attendance information is provided to students by various media including the GGC Catalog, student portal and new student programming. Adjustments may be made by Financial Aid if extenuating circumstances exist. While the GGC Catalog offers estimated cost of attendance for students and families, individual cost of attendance is available through Grizzly Den with Banner.

2023-2024 Academic Year

Type of CostOn Campus In-state ResidentOn Campus Out-of-state ResidentWith Relative In-state ResidentWith Relative Out-of-state ResidentOff Campus In-state ResidentOff Campus Out-of-state Resident
Tuition and mandatory fees$5,272$16,254$5,272$16,254$5,272$16,254
Housing and meals$15,320$15,320$9,120$9,120$15,320$15,320
Books, course materials, supplies and equipment$1,550$1,550$1,550$1,550$1,550$1,550
Miscellaneous personal expenses$9,040$9,040$6,060$6,060$9,040$9,040
Total for 2023-2024 academic year$33,882$44,864$24,702$35,684$33,882$44,864