The Nelnet payment plan provides the opportunity to stretch payments over a period of months using a debit card, credit card or an electronic transfer of funds from a checking or savings account.

Nelnet is not a loan program, and no interest charges will accrue. There is no credit check, and no student is required to use this service.

While GGC is informing students of this service, Nelnet is an independent business which is solely responsible for providing and managing this service. Any terms and/or conditions of this program are solely the responsibility of Nelnet. Any questions or concerns a student may have while using Nelnet need to be addressed directly with Nelnet.

Nelnet Details and Deadlines

Once registration is completed each semester and charges are posted in Banner, students can enroll in the Nelnet payment plan by logging onto Grizzly Den within Banner, going to the Student Account section and clicking on the Nelnet Payment Plan Enrollment link. The plan is set up using the total balance due in Banner for the current semester. During the enrollment process, students will receive instructions on how to review their accounts at any time. 

  1. View Nelnet deadlines and enrollment information and important information about the program.
  2. Enroll in Nelnet through Grizzly Den within Banner.
  3. After enrollment, access the site by logging into Grizzly Den within Banner to review and manage an existing agreement.
  4. Learn more about estimating costs with tuition and financial aid calculators

Important Information About the Nelnet Program

  • Once a student signs up for the Nelnet payment plan, s/he will be charged a non-refundable $60-$75 enrollment fee by Nelnet, depending on the payment plan option selected. A fee is assessed each semester the student enrolls in the Nelnet plan for GGC bill payment.
  • Nelnet enrollment is for a current semester balance only, and students must re-enroll each semester. Re-enrollment is not automatic. 
  • The plan is available for the benefit of enrolled GGC students in good standing, owing no prior balances to Nelnet.
  • Nelnet will assess a "returned payment" fee for each returned payment. This fee is subject to change.
  • A down payment will be processed immediately after a student signs up for Nelnet. Thereafter, Nelnet automatically debits the monthly installment amount on the fifth day of each month. This payment date cannot be changed. The account debited by Nelnet will be the same account used to make the first payment or any subsequent updated account.
  • The budgeted amount is added as a memo (anticipated credit) in Grizzly Den within Banner after Nelnet has successfully debited funds from the bank or credit card only. This may take a few days, therefore, sign up well in advance of the payment deadline. 
  • Students who choose to use a debit or credit card will have a 2.85 percent fee assessed each time a payment is made through Nelnet. Payer has the option to refuse the convenience fee by selecting to pay by ACH (electronic bank debit).
  • At the sign-up point, if the enrollment fee, down payment, and/or convenience fee (for students not paying by automatic bank payment) are returned, the agreement will be terminated and the student can set up a new one if the enrollment period is still open and allowed. Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS) reserves the right to terminate agreements at anytime if funding is unavailable or if payments are not current.
  • The maximum amount that a student may budget on the Nelnet plan is $5,500. Students who have a balance that exceeds that amount will be required to pay the difference in the first installment (down payment).
  • Once a student enrolls, GGC adjusts budgets based on allowable maximum limits and adjustment deadlines. Adjustments are done on business days only and updated by noon as long as adjustment deadlines have not passed. Any increases that cannot be added to the budget are due by established payment deadlines
  • If financial aid awards or other payments become available to a student after making payments to Nelnet, refund of credits resulting from Nelnet payments will be issued after receipt of funds from Nelnet. 
  • If Nelnet terminates a plan and a student is unable to re-enroll or the enrollment period is over, payment is due immediately to GGC if there is a balance on the student account.
  • Once a student is enrolled in Nelnet, access is through Grizzly Den within Banner. Current account balances, payment amounts, financial account changes, authorized party designations and other account information are accessible on the site.
  • Once a student enrolls in the Nelnet plan, s/he accepts and agrees to be bound by the NBS agreement's terms and conditions until the total amount owed is paid in full to Nelnet. Additionally, enrollment means the student authorizes NBS to process payments and fees from the account provided or any subsequent account provided. This authorization will terminate when the total balance due has been paid.
  • Students who sign up with Nelnet are advised not to pay the monthly contracted amount to GGC directly as the monthly installment is automatically debited from the designated account by Nelnet. Amounts exceeding plan budgets/balances not included in the plan are the only amounts to be paid to GGC.
  • For more information about Nelnet, contact NBS directly at 800.609.8056.