Grizzly Den within Banner provides self-service access to all academic and enrollment needs for students, faculty and advisors.

Current Students

Grizzly Den within Banner student self-service provides access to registration, class schedules, grades, unofficial transcripts, student account information and financial aid information.

Grizzly Den: Student Self-Service

New Students

Grizzly Den within Banner uses the college's single sign-on authentication. All incoming new students must first activate their MyGGC login credentials before accessing Grizzly Den. Please refer to the new student technology checklist (PDF).

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Grizzly Den within Banner faculty self-service provides access to class schedules, class rosters, registration overrides, curriculum information about students, and the ability to enter and change grades.

Grizzly Den: Faculty Self-Service

Mentors / Advisors

Grizzly Den within Banner advisor self-service provides both faculty mentors and Student Success advisors access to College Scheduler, Degree Works, course lists and advising student profiles.

Grizzly Den: Advisor Self-Service