How do I register for classes?

You may register for classes by visiting Grizzly Den within Banner. Search for classes that fit your schedule in the online class schedule. You will be required to log in to Grizzly Den within Banner in order to actually register. All students must meet with their mentor prior to registering for classes.

How do I find out who my mentor is?

Log in to your Grizzly Den within Banner account and click on "Student Profile," under the "Student Information" tile. Your mentor is listed as your primary advisor, and will be listed under the "Advisors" heading in the middle of the page.

How do I drop/add?

Before the final drop/add date of each term, you may drop or add classes by logging in to your Grizzly Den within Banner account and choosing the option to drop. Drop/add dates may be found in the academic calendar.

When is the last day to drop a class and receive a W?

The last day to drop a class and receive a W is the midpoint of the semester. Any classes dropped after midpoint will receive a WF. Semester midpoint may be found in the academic calendar.

When and how do I receive my grades?

Final grades for students are available through Grizzly Den within Banner approximately one week after the last final exam for the semester. The specific date for each semester will be listed in the academic calendar. Students who need official copies of grades may follow the link to Request Academic Transcripts.

How do I know if I can graduate?

Students should meet with their mentor on a regular basis to determine progression toward graduation. Students who feel they are ready to graduate may apply online for graduation. An audit will be completed by the Registrar to verify eligibility.

How do I get a transient letter?

Complete a Request for Transient Permission form (PDF) and have it signed by the dean of your discipline. Submit the completed form to the Registrar.

Students receiving HOPE scholarship or Veteran's Affairs benefits must coordinate payment details with the financial aid offices at both Georgia Gwinnett College and the transient institution.

How do I get a transcript?

Review the information on the Request Academic Transcripts page to obtain both official and unofficial transcripts.

How do I get an enrollment verification?

Log in to Grizzly Den within Banner and select "Enrollment Verification Request" under the "Enrollment Verification" tab and follow the prompts. Select "Enrollment Verification Status" to view the status of a previous request.

How do I change my major or mentor?

To change your major, add a minor or change catalog year: complete the Curriculum Change Form from MyGGC Registrar's information and links.

To change your mentor: mentor assignments are made by the dean's office. Please contact the dean's office of your major if you wish to request a change of mentor.

How does readmission work?

Students who must apply for readmission include transients and students who have not been enrolled for 12 consecutive months (three semesters) as well as students changing classification. If the student does not enroll, the process must be repeated. To apply for readmission, complete an electronic Application for Admission (first-time users must create an account). The readmission application must be submitted along with the non-refundable processing fee and any required supporting credentials fees by the deadline for the term of the desired re-enrollment.