Georgia Gwinnett College offers baccalaureate degrees in arts, education, health, science and business administration with many concentration options within most majors. Nexus degrees are also offered in selected areas.

3 Semesters, 2 Commencement Ceremonies

Students may complete requirements to graduate during any semester, and this official completion date is reflected on a student's  record for validation of degree completion. Commencement ceremonies are held two times a year following the fall and spring semesters. Degrees and diplomas are officially conferred during either the fall or spring commencement ceremony.

All students are required to participate in commencement. Students who cannot attend must request to be excused – prior to the ceremony – by completing and submitting the In Absentia Request Form (PDF). There is a graduation fee of $50. For an additional cost, graduation candidates may purchase their cap and gown and other graduation products from Herff Jones for home delivery or to pick up at the Bookstore.

Summer Graduates

Spring Commencement Participation Requirements for Summer Graduates

  • Graduates must be able to complete all outstanding courses within the summer semester after the spring ceremony.
  • Apply to graduate by the spring/summer deadline, and choose spring commencement.
  • Watch for additional information from the GGC Registrar.
  • All graduates who are completing the requirements in the summer will be included in the preceding spring commencement only. Note that your name will be printed in the program for commencement and any honors designations will be posted based on the preceding fall semester's GPA.

Deadlines: Apply to Graduate

Students must submit their online application to graduate by the applicable deadline.

  • Fall graduates: April 1
  • Spring graduates: Oct. 1
  • Summer graduates: Jan. 1

Note: A late fee of $50 will be assessed to graduates who apply after the deadline.

Instructions: Apply to Graduate

  1. Log in to Grizzly Den within Banner, student self-service.
  2. Select student and financial aid.
  3. Select view student record.
  4. Choose apply to graduate.
  5. Select current semester, then submit.
  6. Choose current curriculum.
    1. Ensure listed information is correct.
    2. Read additional instructions for double concentration, double major, double degree and/or minor, and confirm, as needed.
    3. Click continue.
  1. Select commencement date, then continue.
  2. Choose your name for the diploma, or follow instructions to change name, then click continue.
  3. Select payment option, then continue.
  4. Confirm summary, then submit.
  5. Enter payment information, then continue.
  6. Confirm payment information, then submit.
  7. Confirm receipt of payment confirmation email, then continue.
  8. Carefully review confirmation instructions, and contact the Registrar if you have questions.

Additional Considerations

Applications to graduate submitted by the deadline, can expect the following:

  • Confirmation notice of receipt of your application and the semester you have applied will be sent to your student email account.
  • To receive your graduation evaluation audit letter before the add/drop deadline of the semester you are applying.

Late applications to graduate cannot be guaranteed the following:

  • Priority in receiving an evaluation audit before the add/drop deadline for the semester you have applied, if applicable.
  • If an appeal is submitted after add/drop deadline and any course requirement is not MET, your application to graduate request will be moved to the next semester.
  • Your name may not be available in time to appear in the commencement program.

In order for Georgia Gwinnett College to confer a baccalaureate degree or nexus degree, all undergraduate degree requirements must be met. Learn more about program completion requirements in the GGC Catalog.

Note: All fees, fines, and other debts to the college must be paid in order to have your degree awarded. Until all debts are paid, your diploma will be withheld and transcripts will not be issued.

For questions about completing your degree or applying to graduate, contact the Registrar.