Complete the steps that follow to apply.

1. Check Dates and Deadlines

All application materials must be submitted by the dates below for each semester.

Spring Semester, Priority – Dec. 1
Summer semester, priority – April 1
Fall Semester, Priority – Extended to July 1

Application and document deadlines may be extended by the vice president of Enrollment Management Services in consultation with others, if conditions warrant. The Admissions office will communicate date changes to prospective students via the GGC website and other communications. Deadlines falling on the weekend will be the next business day.

2. Create Grizzly Profile to Apply Online

Create your Grizzly Profile to apply online, manage your progress and submit the required $30 application fee (Dual Enrollment exempted from application fee). Completing your profile also connects you to your admissions counselor, and offers a personalized application experience, helpful tips and reminders, status updates, and invitations to exclusive events. View Admissions introduction video.

3. Review Admission Requirements

Manage submissions and approvals by monitoring email and your online Grizzly Profile account.

    Post-Baccalaureate Admission

    Admission Requirements

    • Earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
    • Demonstrate satisfactory English language proficiency for all non-native speakers of English. Complete a test of English language proficiency or meet the waiver requirements.
      • Other testing options
        • ACCUPLACER minimum scores: Reading: 237 and WritePlacer: 4

    Document Requirements

    • Submit official transcript from college or university that states proof of bachelor's degree.

    Check your Grizzly Profile under section titled: "Submit Supplemental Items" for any additional mandatory requirements and a detailed description of how to submit your documents.

    4. Check Financial Aid Eligibility

    Start financial aid eligibility inquiries by contacting Financial Aid.

    Check Application Status