Georgia Gwinnett College Testing Services supports the admissions process for applicants by facilitating placement testing for those who are unable to physically test on site. To safeguard the integrity of students’ test scores and the security of the ACCUPLACER* test, all tests must be administered in a proctored setting.

Applicants have two options for taking the ACCUPLACER* test remotely.

Option 1: Testing at a Remote Facility 

Georgia Gwinnett College may not be able to accept test scores taken at off campus locations without approval. To ensure that tests are accepted for admissions and placement purposes, applicants must make prior arrangements with GGC to request a remote test. This remote test will be administered at an approved campus near the student’s current location.

  1. Applicants who are not able to test at GGC can complete the remote ACCUPLACER* test request form to arrange for testing at a remote location. Submit required $25 testing fee online.
  2. Once payment is confirmed and a suitable location has been identified, testers will be sent an email with a voucher number and instructions on how to proceed. 
  3. Applicants are responsible for contacting the assigned remote facility to schedule the test and to inquire about fees, hours, parking, etc. Please note that most remote testing locations will charge a separate fee. 
  4. Upon completion of the remote ACCUPLACER* test, GGC Testing Services be notified electronically and will then upload the scores into the students record for admissions review.

Option 2: Testing Online Using a Virtual Proctor

Applicants who are not located near an approved remote facility can complete the ACCUPLACER* online using an ETS approved virtual proctor. Virtual proctoring sessions are available 24/7. 

  1. Complete the remote ACCUPLACER* test request form to arrange scheduling for virtual proctoring.
  2. A voucher number will be sent by email to the applicant with instructions on how to proceed.  
  3. A proctoring fee of $25 USD, payable via credit card, will be due at the time of service. This virtual proctoring fee is separate from any testing fees charged by Georgia Gwinnett College.
  4. The virtual proctor will require the student to provide a government issued picture ID prior to allowing them to take the test through webcam.

ACCUPLACER* Online Technology Requirements

  • Computer with 1GB of RAM or higher
  • Wired high-speed internet connection (3 Mbps) – wireless not recommended
  • Webcam with 640x480 video pixel resolution
  • Computer speakers
  • Computer microphone
  • Flash player version 7 or higher
  • Browser compatibility: Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Georgia Gwinnett College Testing Services will be notified electronically once the online ACCUPLACER* test has been completed and upload the scores into the student's file for Admissions review.

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