Dr. Adam Cottrel


Dr. Adam Cottrel

Assistant Professor of Film

Office A-1292
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Dr. Adam Cottrel works at the intersection of film and philosophy. He is especially interested in the aesthetic dimension of film, particularly how style can give form to logics of power through its mediation of space, time and bodies. He has also lectured, written and presented on questions about performance, precarious labor, technology and realism. In addition, current research projects include a theory of endurance and the politics of survival, a study on the form and philosophy of liquidity, as well as an inquiry into the relation between film style and globalization. His work has appeared in Paragraph, World Picture, liquid blackness, and collected in Heterotopia and Globalization in the Twenty-First Century (Routledge, 2020).


  • Doctorate – moving image studies – Georgia State University
  • Master's – English – University of Vermont
  • Bachelor's – English – Otterbein University

Academic Interests

  • International cinema
  • Political and art cinemas
  • Precarious labor
  • Film philosophy
  • Continental and political philosophy
  • Aesthetics