Dr. Christopher G. Brown


Dr. Christopher G. Brown

Professor of Biology

Office I-3102
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Dr. Christopher G. Brown holds an A.S. in biology from South Georgia College (2001), a B.S. in biology from Shorter College (2003) and a Ph.D. in biology with a focus on ecology and evolution from Vanderbilt University (2009).

Brown is an all-purpose organismal biologist and teaches courses in introductory biology, zoology, evolution and field techniques.

His dissertation centers on the behavioral ecology of Neochlamisus leaf beetles with special attention to the creation, maintenance and function of their remarkable animal architectures.

He is interested in organisms of all sorts and has researched rodents and box turtles in the deserts of Arizona; Anolis lizards in the rainforests and plains of Puerto Rico; and insects of Georgia, Tennessee, New England and Canada. His current work serves to introduce students to the diversity on and around GGC's campus including small mammals, frogs and salamanders, lizards and snakes, and turtles.

Brown is proud to serve as the president of the Association of Southeastern Biologists which helps promote education and research across the southeastern United States.


  • Doctorate – biology – Vanderbilt University
  • Bachelor’s – biology – Shorter College
  • Associates – biology – South Georgia College

Academic Interests

  • Animal behavior
  • Evolution
  • Biomechanics