Dr. Dmitry Shishkin


Dr. Dmitry Shishkin

Assistant Professor of Economics

Office W-2260
Office phone 678.407.5798
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Dr. Shishkin received his doctorate in economics from Georgia State University in June 2007 and is now an assistant professor of economics in the School of Business at Georgia Gwinnett College. Dr. Shishkin teaches Introduction to Economics and Principles of Microeconomics as well as Economics of Public Sector and History of Economic Thought. His research interests include public finance, urban and regional economics, and applied microeconomics. During his professional career he worked as a consultant advising various regional governments and the State Duma of Russian Federation on intergovernmental fiscal relations, as well as a graduate research and graduate teaching assistant at Georgia State University.


  • Doctorate – economics – Georgia State University
  • Master's – economics – Boston University
  • Bachelor's – economics – Saint-Petersburg State Marine University

Academic Interests

  • Public finance
  • Urban economics
  • Institutional economics


  • Shishkin, D. (2017). The Incentives Effects of the Tax Base Sharing Program on Local Tax Policies in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. 59th Western Social Science Association Annual Conference, San Fransico, California.
  • Shishkin, D. (2015, April). How Rational and Logical Mainstream Economists Really Are: What Can We Learn from One Confusion in the Mainstream Introductory Economics Courses. The 36th Annual Meeting of AFIT: Institutionalism: History, Theory, and Futures., Portland, Oregon.
  • Shishkin, D. (2013). Fiscal Incentives and Shared Revenue Sources with Differentiated Sharing Rates. Public Finance Review, 41 (4), 473-488.
  • "The Adverse Effect of Tax Base Sharing on Commercial and Industrial Property Values in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area." Presented at Academy of Business Research International Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana. 2012.