Dr. Emily Henary


Dr. Emily Henary

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

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Dr. Emily Henary has had first-hand experience in different aspects of science, including medicine, biology and chemistry throughout her undergraduate and graduate years of education.

Of these, the area that she enjoys most is chemistry.

Henary was fortunate to be directed by dedicated and effective supervisors in her graduate study, and their guidance led her to not only to navigate and overcome the challenges of chemistry, but also toward a life-long love of the subject and a passion to become a chemistry instructor.

Henary believes that teaching is the art of communication, organization and performance. She creates a teaching environment that meets the needs of her students at their particular level of study.

Throughout her 14 years of teaching, she’s taught introductory chemistry courses for non-chemistry majors along with sophomore-level chemistry laboratories for chemistry majors. She adjusts her approach to each subject according to students’ learning abilities, background education and potential.


  • Doctorate – veterinary medicine – Assuit University, Egypt
  • Master's – chemistry – Georgia State University

Academic Interests

  • STEC 4500 collaborative undergraduate research: understanding the role of neuromelanin in C. elegans
  • Development of effective, nontraditional teaching skills using active-learning approaches
  • Chemistry assignment mastery through problem-solving sessions like the following: 
    • Peer leader team model (PTLM)
    • Problem-based learning (PBL)
    • Real-world connections (hooks)
  • Specification grading (SG) technique to ensure mastery of material