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Dr. Janita Rawls

Professor of Management

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Dr. Janita Rawls is currently a professor of management at Georgia Gwinnett College where she teaches courses in the management and leadership disciplines. She has held numerous academic and administrative appointments in higher education. In addition to her academic experience, she has held private-sector positions in the publishing and marketing industries.

Rawls believes that learning is a transformative event for students because it changes the way one perceives the world and one’s self. Rawls knows that learning is a process, and her teaching emphasizes the importance of individual responsibility in learning. She believes it is only through a curious mind that learning can begin. Rawls supports student learning in a variety of ways which include: 1) promoting positive and intentional interactions within an active classroom setting, 2) holding high, yet achievable expectations, 3) respecting the diverse ways of learning, 4) organizing class topics by themes, 5) requiring reflection on learning, and 6) providing prompt and constructive feedback. In her classes a student will have a variety of assignments and projects, including service learning.

Rawls strives to effectively communicate in multiple ways to students. She utilizes problem-based learning as a way to frame her teaching. Specifically, her daily classroom activities follow a questioning method as she engages students in topical discussions. She intentionally draws connections and relationships between prior ideas and themes. Rawls seeks to always discuss the question, “Why is the topic important, and what does it mean to a student now and in the future?” In addition, course information is located in GGC's MyCourses (D2L/Brightspace), discussed in class and sent in emails. Rawls realizes that effective teaching is both an art and a science that requires more than just appropriate assignments and quality teaching methods. Teaching must also include ethical and positive perspectives. Thus, she seeks to promote a positive classroom environment with professional standards.


  • Doctorate – higher education, concentration in management – Georgia State University
  • Master's – business administration – Rider College
  • Bachelor's – business administration, concentration in computer applications and systems – California State University, Fresno

Academic Interests

  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Teaching practice
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Nonprofit sector