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Dr. Kodwo Annan

Professor of Mathematics

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Dr. Kodwo "Kojo" Annan joined Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC) in fall 2014 from Minot State University. He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST), Ghana; his master’s degree in applied mathematics from University of Bergen, Norway; another master’s degree in curriculum and instructions from the University of Vermont and his doctorate in mathematical sciences from the University of Vermont. Annan has other degrees, diplomas, certifications and awards to display when necessary.

The strengths Annan brings to GGC are his love for teaching and undergraduate research, his passion for students and learning and his dedication towards students’ success. He uses his strong interdisciplinary background and good researched-based teaching practices to make mathematics applicable to all students by bringing real-world experiences into his classroom. He believes that ALL students can learn mathematics if appropriate instructional strategies are applied, meaningful and relevant examples are used, best possible learning environment are created, and proper evaluation, assessments and reflection are made. The best mathematics teaching practice Annan uses in his mathematics classrooms is about introducing students to a conceptual framework with which they can begin to make sense of, understand and actively inspire learning. This practice inspires students to develop stronger competencies in critical observation and thinking, interest in mathematics and reflect intelligently about mathematics and its application to real world problems.

As an interdisciplinary mathematician, Annan’s scholarship is grounded in theories and methods found in the field of biomedical engineering with applications to social, economic and cultural needs of the community, state and the nation. He has published a number of peer-reviewed articles in reputable scientific journals (see below) and has presented in numerous regional and national conferences. The strength of his research is that all undergraduate students who enjoy conducting research of any kind can participate in it, and the purpose is to disseminates the findings through student education and learning, professional publications, workshops and conference presentations.

Annan believes that teaching is a learning process, and to be an excellent teacher, he must first be an active and engaged learner. Students are his partners in the teaching and learning process, and he wants to help them learn and develop themselves into lifelong learners who recognize the value of education and make a difference in their communities.


  • Doctorate – mathematical sciences – University of Vermont
  • Master’s – curriculum and instruction – University of Vermont
  • Master’s – applied mathematics – University of Bergen, Norway
  • Bachelor’s – mathematics and statistics – University of Science & Technology, Ghana

Academic Interests

  • Renal hemodynamics and neuronal dynamics
  • Epidemiology and immunology
  • Analysis of differential equations
  • Development of teacher education programs
  • Mathematics teaching and learning


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* indicates undergraduate student