Dr. Michael Morton


Dr. Michael Morton

Associate Professor of Chemistry

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Dr. Michael Morton began his love of chemistry while exploring natural dyes and pigments while growing up in his home state of Michigan. After many winters, he decided to study of chemistry as an undergraduate at the Florida Institute of Technology down in Melbourne, Florida and had a chance to participate in undergraduate research in analytical chemistry, physical organic, synthetic organic and even some natural products chemistry. After graduating, he then attended the University of Kentucky where he studied synthetic organometallic chemistry. His research focused on the synthesis and characterization of new classes of metal-capped cyclopropenium ions and cyclopropenylidenes. An industrial post-doctoral position drew him back northward to the shores of Lake Ontario while stationed at the University of Rochester. It was during this time that is love for teaching caused him to shift his career and pursue teaching.

Designing new laboratory experiments and worksheets to help students better understand and retain knowledge has been a driving force in Morton’s academic life. While at the University of the South, Morton converted many of the general chemistry laboratory experiments to being able to use a data-acquisition system and while at St. Andrews Presbyterian College has worked to completely revamp the chemistry curriculum. While at SAPC, he also had the opportunity to expand his academic interests through a series of training in different techniques involving forensic science. This background, along with that of his colleague, Dr. Pam Ely, laid the foundation for the development of a forensic science program.

Since coming to GGC, Morton has continued to focus on designing new laboratory experience and studying better ways to facilitate student learning and retention. He has been an active member of the GGC Specifications Grading Group where the focus has been on developing different ways in which students are evaluated for their understanding of specific course materials.

Morton has also continued conducting research involving environmental-inorganic heavy metal monitoring and also investigating iron-gall ink formulas.

Besides his love of chemistry, Morton is also an accomplished oil painter and explorer of the wildernesses of Georgia. Often on the weekends, he can be found geocaching on one of the many trails throughout the state.


  • Doctorate – synthetic organometallic chemistry – University of Kentucky
  • Bachelor's – chemistry – Florida Institute of Technology