Dr. Priya Boindala


Dr. Priya Boindala

Associate Professor of Mathematics

Office W-3202
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Dr. Priya Boindala joined Georgia Gwinnett College in Fall 2010 as an assistant professor of mathematics. She received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics from India. She came to the United States in 2003 to pursue her doctorate in applied mathematics from Tulane University. The process of beginning with a small concept and ending with a mathematical model that mimics real-time experimental observations has always motivated Boindala in her work. As a teacher, she likes to inspire the same excitement and gratification among her students.

She believes... “An introductory course, taught well, can stir students’ interest in further learning,” says Boindala. “An advanced course, well designed and taught, can increase students’ understanding and help them visualize applicability, possible future research avenues or job opportunities.” She believes that a teacher can facilitate such opportunities in the classroom and beyond.

In this regard she continues to work with her colleagues on various projects on campus and is currently involved in two course imbedded and SoTL research projects “A 10-week Research Based Learning Module for Statistics” and “Flipping the Pre-Calculus Classroom,” respectively.


  • Doctorate – applied mathematics –Tulane University
  • Master’s – mathematics – Osmania University, India
  • Bachelor’s – mathematics – University of Madras, India

Academic Interests

  • Mathematics education
  • Course re-design
  • Mathematical biology
  • Curriculum development


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  • Recipient of The IBM fellowship award for the year 2007–2008 in computational mathematics.