Dr. Qing Shao


Dr. Qing Shao

Professor of Physics

Office I-3136
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Dr. Qing Shao obtained her Ph.D. from Emory University in 2011. As a graduate student, she worked with Dr. Laura Finzi and Dr. David Dunlap to study the mechanical properties of DNA and the DNA-protein interaction at the single-molecular level using magnetic tweezers. She also worked at the Center for Science Education at Emory as an NSF graduate teaching fellow in K-12 education to implement problem-based learning in local high schools.

Since joining GGC in 2011, Shao teaches algebra and calculus-based introductory physics to science majors, and astronomy to non-science majors. Shao is an advocate for active learning. She has attended workshops and conferences on scientific teaching and learning, is involved in the PSI program and implemented various active learning strategies in her classes. Shao is also engaged in interdisciplinary science education research collaboration with faculty from information technology, chemistry and exercise science to improve students’ creativity and research skills.

In her spare time, Shao enjoys cooking and traveling with family and friends.


  • Doctorate – physics – Emory University
  • Master's – professional accountancy – Georgia State University
  • Bachelor's – applied physics – Shanghai Jiao Ton University
  • Bachelor's – management science – Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Academic Interests

  • Biological physics
  • Interdisciplinary science education
  • Physics education research