Dr. William B. Holmes


Dr. William B. Holmes

Associate Professor of Economics

Office W-2140
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Dr. Holmes is an associate professor of economics in the GGC School of Business. He teaches Introduction to Economics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, and Environmental Economics. His primary fields of research are experimental economics and environmental economics. Within these fields, he has conducted research on auction theory, auctions for conservation services, and public goods provision using both laboratory and empirical approaches.

Holmes’s research has been accepted for publication in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Applied Economics and Policy, Land Use Policy, and others. Currently, he is investigating the use of computerized classroom experiments as teaching tools. He lives in Lawrenceville with his wife, Anne, and their two young sons. In his spare time, Holmes enjoys being with his family, reading, traveling and soccer.


  • Doctorate – economics – Georgia State University