GGC understands the transformative nature of higher education in changing the trajectory of our student's lives.

When students face insufficient financial aid assistance, this can often impact the amount of time spent to complete a degree and increase the possibility of dropping out. Students are also likely to experience distractions from their studies when facing food insecurities and homelessness.

GGC Grizzlies meet these challenges as a community and offer the following resources to embrace the needs of our students.

About 78% qualify for financial aid

Grizzlies Helping Grizzlies

Grizzlies Helping Grizzlies provides support for GGC students who may not be able to meet their basic needs, such as homelessness and food insecurities. The program offers assistance in the form of gift cards, toiletries and other items that are donated by members of the Grizzly community.

Grizzlies Helping Grizzlies is a collaborative program created by Student Affairs with staff involvement from multiple offices throughout campus. Contact @email for more information.

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GGC Care Pantry

The GGC Care Pantry provides food and other basic necessities to those individuals in our campus community who are experiencing the stress of financial constraints. Information on nutrition and healthy food choices is available.

This program provides much needed support to GGC students, supports the college’s core values, and ensures respect, empathy, dignity, value and equality to each individual.        

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