Candace Timpte

Dr. Candace Timpte

Professor of Biology

School of Science and Tech
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Dr. Timpte is inquisitive and loves to learn biology, particularly about plants, health and nutrition. She earned a B.S. from University of Wisconsin and a Ph.D. from Duke University, both in biochemistry. Her dissertation explained the DNA sequence of porcine mucin (pig saliva) and represents the first mucin sequence reported. Timpte spent several years engaged in postdoctoral research at Indiana University investigating the plant hormone auxin. At the University of New Orleans, Timpte investigated plants and yeast development and earned the associate professor rank. She expanded her teaching talents and enjoyed teaching biochemistry, biotechnology and workshops for teachers.

Timpte was awarded six grants from the LA Board of Regents to support graduate students and, with a colleague, was awarded a Governor's Biotechnology Award to train M.Sc. students in biotechnology. The collegial atmosphere and emphasis on quality teaching attracted Timpte to join the GGC faculty. She has taught a variety of courses including introductory biology for majors and non-majors, genetics, biochemistry and interdisciplinary applications of biology. Good storytellers use stories to illustrate a concept and then return to the topic at hand; Timpte presents a biological process, enlivens it with a story, even so simple as to "imagine the nucleus as thickening Jello" and returns to the topic to reiterate.

Biology is a discipline that easily integrates into the daily life of a student, so she gives "take home nuggets" in class, some outrageous fact or process for students to share with friends over lunch. It is her goal to provide students with an enthusiastic and engaging atmosphere to learn biology. She endeavors for students to establish a knowledge framework to critically assess information and ideas as life-long biologists. Finally, Timpte hopes to cultivate an attitude of scientific curiosity and amazement at the wonders of biology.


  • Doctorate – biochemistry – Duke University
  • Bachelor's – biochemistry – University of Wisconsin-Madison

Academic Interests

  • Plant molecular biology/plant hormones
  • Viral genomes
  • Science of teaching
  • Biochemistry and nutrition


  • GGC Teaching Excellence Award