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Student Success is dedicated to the academic and holistic success of every student enrolled at GGC ... no matter your academic level. 

Not sure where to start with that English paper? A tutoring session can help. Worried about that first-ever college final? There’s a workshop to develop your study skills. Having a hard time figuring out what math class you should take? The Student Success Advising Center offers sound advice.

Student Success Services


    Academic Enhancement Center

    The Academic Enhancement Center (AEC) provides free, confidential tutoring and study resources to GGC students – in a variety of subjects – from peer and professional tutors, and GGC faculty volunteers.

    Learn more about the Academic Enhancement Center.

    Group Study App (CircleIn)

    GGC subscribes to CircleIn, an easy-to-use group study app and website where students learn from and support each other, determine solutions to their academic challenges, and gain a deeper understanding of the coursework together. Download the and search for Georgia Gwinnett College to get started.

    View the CircleIn website.

    Download CircleIn from the Apple Store.

    Download CircleIn from the Google Play.

    Student Success Advising Center

    The Student Success Advising Center offers a range of services and programs to meet the needs of all GGC students. Additionally, student success advisors mentor students enrolled in Student Success courses.

    Learn more about services available at the Student Success Advising Center.

    Peer Mentoring (Grizzly Mentor Collective)

    The Grizzly Mentor Collective connects new students virtually with peer mentors to help navigate college’s challenges and opportunities on their way to success.

    Learn more about Grizzly Mentor Collective.

    Student Success Workshops

    Student Success Workshops provide helpful advice on critical areas that affect academic performance.

    Browse the list and learn more about Student Success Workshops.

    Student Success Courses

    Student Success sponsors student success courses in English and mathematics for entering students who need them. These courses offer learning support and provide a strong foundation toward academic success.

    Learn more about Student Success Courses.

    Learning Communities

    Learning Communities help students meet new friends and learn together with grouped classes focused on a topic of your choice.

    Learn more about Learning Communities.

    Community Outreach: English Language Institute

    The English Language Institute (ELI) offers both regular instruction and special short-term programs for English language learners at a range of proficiency levels.

    Learn more about the English Language Institute.

    English as a Second Language (ESL) / English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

    The English Language Institute (ELI) offers both regular instruction and special short-term programs for English language learners at a range of proficiency levels.The English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program is for entering GGC students whose first language is not English. EAP sections of Student Success English courses help students develop the academic communication skills needed to achieve success at GGC.

    Learn more about the English for Academic Purposes program.


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    Student Success promotes academic integrity through strict adherence to the college's policy on documentation and plagiarism in the Student Handbook (PDF).