Kevin O'Halloran

Dr. Kevin O'Halloran

Professor of Chemistry

School of Science and Tech
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Dr. Kevin O'Halloran joined the GGC faculty in 2011. He chose GGC because of its commitment to high-quality student mentoring and active learning in the classroom. O'Halloran enjoys teaching general chemistry because it is an opportunity to give students the knowledge that they need to be successful in college and their careers. He is the faculty coordinator of the pharmacy club at GGC. He earned a Ph.D. in chemistry from Emory University where he was awarded for his teaching and research accomplishments. His doctoral research involves metal-oxo clusters and transition metal compounds in several different contexts. Prior to his doctoral work, he earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Kansas.


  • Doctorate – chemistry – Emory University
  • Bachelor's – chemistry – University of Kansas

Academic Interests

  • Metal-oxo cluster science
  • Scholarship of teaching and learning


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  • 2009–2010 Achievement Rewards for College Scientists fellowship from the ARCS Foundation
  • 2007 Outstanding teaching assistant award, Emory University

Professional Affiliations